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Limited Edition Brooks Wackerman A7X Halloween Sticks (Pre-Order)

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Available for a limited time only, get these custom orange/natural sticks before they sell out! Sticks come in black lettering only.

This pre-sale ends Friday October 7th, 2022. Orders are expected to ship by  October21st (or sooner), but not 100% guaranteed!

NOTE: You will receive an email with your tracking once your order has left our warehouse. Thanks for your patience and support...

 ***Exclusive to 1234 Apparel & Wood***

A new alliance has been formed with Innovative Percussion, The A7X Brooks Wackerman signature series model was designed specifically for the needs of todays modern rock/metal drummer.  A model unique to Innovative Percussion, The A7X carries a length of 16.5”,and the diameter in the hand is .626” then expands slightly out to .630” at the shoulder. This helps to create a powerful sound while maintaining agile speed for faster passages. The stick has a mild taper at the shoulder to the bead to keep the stick evenly balanced. The barrel shaped bead creates a bold yet clear cymbal sounds. 


  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16.5"; Diameter: .626" - .630"
  • Barrel Bead