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MASTERCLASS BUNDLE: LESSONS 1-4 (includes digital drum transcript)

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Get into the mind of Brooks Wackerman, with the highly anticipated 2 hour, 4 part Masterclass video series. 

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LESSON #1: Coordination
This segment covers exercises that implement every limb simultaneously. I’ve written out ones that I’ve practiced in my formative years, and also those that I still work on. I’ll show you how to incorporate these concepts into fills and demonstrate in multiple styles the way to best execute these musically.
 Duration: 24:16

LESSON #2: Double Kicks
Double kicks are an essential part of my drumming DNA. We’ll go over written grooves and rudiments that can be applied compositionally. This approach will build stamina and evenness in your double kick playing. I talk about my history in double kick drumming, with an emphasis on articulation.
Duration: 29:40

LESSON #3: Hi-hat Variations
I’ll introduce concepts that will broaden your hi-hat vocabulary. We’ll explore space within a groove to make it flow by doing less. Different types of flams will be demonstrated to show how they can change dynamically by slightly opening and closing the rudiment. Several different grooves will be played in order to expand your Hi-hat techniques.
Duration: 30:51

LESSON #4: Song Construction
The following parts of songs will be broken down thoroughly: from Avenged Sevenfold, The Stage and Paradigm; from Bad Religion, Sorrow, and one original by yours truly. I’ll be sharing anecdotes on how my parts were developed, as well as sharing my approach to writing drum parts.
Duration: 33:44

This is Ninety one pages of drum transcriptions by Marc Atkinson. It’s accurately detailed  to exactly what I played and will benefit drummers with their reading chops. A table of contents is provided with timestamps on each page that coincides with the film, as well as unreleased photos of live performances and candid moments.